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Real Training in Virtual Reality

Save lives by providing enjoyable and safe experiences in training without exposure to occupational and operational risks.

agile company bringing to market innovative and immersive experiences training, providing high retention content, through Virtual Realities tools (RV) and Augmented Reality (OUT), without exposure to occupational hazards.


Immersive learning Increased: We develop immersive learning environments, with use of techniques of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed for the area of ​​Health and Safety.

  • immersive environments and layers of information
  • Interference with minimal external uniform application of the concepts
  • Content based on technical standards and best health and safety practices

  • Training experiences without exposure to occupational hazards
  • Increased content engagement and retention of efficacy immersive form
  • Applicable anywhere and situation for individualized learning or group

We add value

Immersive learning Increased

  • Avoiding exposure to real operational and occupational hazards during training of employees, particularly the least experienced and unlearned
  • Increasing knowledge retention and engagement to the Occupational Safety protocols
  • Applying uniform content, reproducibly, scalable and available consistent with the best practices of work safety protocols and adaptable ace real situations being faced by field staff

TANGIBLE VALUE: reduction of Accident Insurance Factor (FAP) from the company, reducing tax costs to be paid on the payroll.


We develop immersive learning environments

  • Scenarios detailed or custom patterns in place, or situation of the company
  • actual experience of immersion and interaction, free from occupational hazards
  • High degree of active engagement and learning in a safe environment
  • Health and Safety protocols with content designed by a specialist in Health and Work Safety
  • Learning with meaning and applied in practice, increasing the training speed and retention
  • affordable solutions to any business model or company
  • Possibility of scheduling standardized training in several locations, remote or not, available at any time.



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